Flowable web based designer

Flowable is a Java BPM tool that was forked from Activiti (owned by Alfresco). They have a designer tool for Eclipse, they also have a new designer tool that uses a web interface. There is no ready made documentation on how to install it, these are the steps you can follow.

There is a post here that provides the basic info.
You have to have mysql installed, create a user ‘flowable’@’localhost’, pw ‘flowable’, that owns a database ‘flowable’.
You checkout the project from here and you install it. Then in the module flowable-ui-idm you run and in the module flowable-ui-modeler you run
You login to idm on and on modeler via where you replace the ip number by the ip number of your computer. It doesn’t seem to work with “localhost” or “”. When the modeler redirects you to the login page and login doesn’t work, replace “localhost” by your ip number in the browser location.

You log in to flowable with admin/test.