Ubuntu 19.04 on Dell XPS 15 7590

After installing Ubuntu, I had some issues. First, the setup disk would not recognize the SSD in the laptop. In the BIOS, you need to change the SATA setting to AHCI. I had to look that up, when I found the solution I remembered having done the same thing for my previous XPS laptops.

Second, I installed the Killer wifi driver following these instructions. Then I had to disable secure boot, you can do that in the bios.

Then, adding the nvidia driver for the graphics card didn’t work. Here you find instructions to install the driver. The driver only started working after disabling secure boot.

Final issue is the mouse speed. On Unity, I had set mouse pointer acceleration to maximum, to be able to move the pointer across my three screens without moving my wrist. I think keeping your wrist on the mouse wrist guard prevents injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome. I haven’t managed to set the proper mouse pointer acceleration on Ubuntu 19.04.